What is a good fee for 401k

The elective deferral (contribution) limit for employees who participate in a 401 (k) (or in a 403 (b), most 457 plans, and the federal government’s Thrift Savings Plan) is …

Financial experts agree: Employer-sponsored 401(k) plans are one of the best retirement savings tools. Americans have $5.7 trillion invested in employer-sponsored 401(k) plans, …

A Look at 401(k) Plan Fees – DOL

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401(k) plan fees and expenses generally fall into three categories: Plan administration fees. The day-to-day operation of a 401(k) plan involves expenses for basic and necessary administrative services, such as plan recordkeeping, accounting, legal, and trustee services. A 401(k) plan also may offer a host of additional services, such as …

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Primary inputs include a modest starting 401(k) balance of $ as the age at which the employee starts working, a starting salary of …

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How much should you have in your 401 (k)?

But with so many options, unfamiliar terms, stipulations, and rules, 401 (k)s can be mystifying even to financially-savvy savers. The rule of thumb for retirement savings is 10% of gross salary for a start. If your company offers a matching contribution, make sure you get it all.

What’s the best 401 (k) plan contribution?

"There is no ideal contribution to a 401 (k) plan unless there is a company match. You should always take full advantage of a company match because it is essentially free money that the company gives you," notes Arie Korving, a financial advisor with Korving & Company in Suffolk, Va.

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Are your 401 (k) fees too high?

If you’re worried your 401 (k) fees are too high, Blanchett suggests talking to your HR department or your plan manager. To bring down the cost, you can ask them to add more index funds to your plan’s investment options. These are typically low-cost and are generally considered to be a reasonable request, Blanchett says.

What determines the cost of your 401 (k) plan?

The biggest factors in the cost of your 401 (k) are the size of your company and the plan it uses, David Blanchett, head of retirement research for Morningstar’s Investment Management group, tells CNBC Make It. The average total plan fees range from 0.37% for the largest plans to 1.42% for the smallest plans, his research found.

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