What happens if you take out your 401k money

With a 401(k) loan, you borrow money from your retirement savings account. Depending on what your employer’s plan allows, you could take out as much as 50% of your savings, up to a maximum of $50,000, within a 12-month period. Remember, you‘ll have to pay that borrowed money back, plus interest, within 5 years of taking your loan, in most cases.

A 10% tax penalty will apply if you take a withdrawal from your 401(k) before age 59 1/2, and you’re no longer working for your employer.; You can take a penalty-free 401(k) withdrawal if you‘re over a certain age, usually 59 1/2, and you no longer work for your employer. You’ll avoid taxes and penalties if you roll your 401(k) over into an IRA, but it must be a direct transfer, so …

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Early 401(k) Withdrawals: How to Avoid Penalties – Investopedia

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As of 2021, if you are under the age of 59½, a withdrawal from a 401 (k) is subject to a 10% early withdrawal penalty. You will also be required to pay regular income taxes on the withdrawn funds …

Attempt to access that money sooner, and you‘ll typically face a 10% early-withdrawal penalty on the sum you remove. This means that if you take a $10,000 distribution at …

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