Does the dow affect my 401k

Then, make sure you use those goals to re-balance your 401k on a quarterly or annual basis, says Briboneria. Even if recent Dow activity proves a harbinger of a catastrophic event — last week …

, 3:14 PM · 5 min read. Exhale. That’s the advice from several financial experts who said investors shouldn’t do anything rash with their 401 (k) retirement accounts amid a turbulent stock market. That turbulence was evident last week. The markets rebounded Friday after going into another tailspin the day before.

Why your 401(k) is flat while the Dow is breaking records

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But dig deeper, and you will see another story. Since January 1, while the Dow is trading at new record highs almost weekly and the Nasdaq is …

What does market volatility like that even do to a 401 (k) plan? The answer isn’t so simple. There’s a very good chance every retirement account will be affected by the volatility, since some …

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