Are 401k’s deducted on 1041 k1

On K1, what amount can be deducted from taxes in the following setup: employee $19.5K, employer match + profit sharing (not sure of exact breakdown yet) $37.5K. Can I deduct only 19.5 or the whole 57, or some other number? Thanks.

My 401k through my employer was not deducted this pay check I got today. At first I was putting in 5% to make sure I got matched, but the 13th, …

My 401k amount is deducted on my W-2 from taxable income but …

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I have a Roth 401(k) through my employer. There is not an employee matching. I have a pretty small % of my paycheck taken out since there is not a …

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Solved: I received an email yesterday saying the final versions of these forms were available. I went back into my TT Business to finish. I hit downloads and

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